Why Repeated Mold Tryouts are Necessary

Mar 2, 2021

Repeated mold tryouts benefit you and your customers. Multiple mold tryouts can help you determine if your mold functions to your expectations.

When it comes to mold tryouts, one time might not be enough. Molds may need repeated attention, and different solutions may be needed for different situations. Repeated mold tryouts may be needed due to a large viscosity shift and large static and dynamic pressure losses.

There are several key steps that may help:

  • Establishing flow rate
  • Challenging the mold by pushing the boundaries in order to see at what point change would be needed
  • Ensuring that that there is adequate pressure to compensate for static pressure loss
  • Starting with the basics of plastic forming and slowly increasing to see where improvements may be needed

Monitor any issues that may arise during the mold tryout process, and recognize that you may come across multiple rejects.

Having the expertise as a molder can be enhanced when you know your customers well. Your customers must deliver high-quality products on time and at costs that meet their consumers’ expectations.

All of this is why multiple plastic mold tryouts are ideal, both for your benefit and that of your customers and their consumers.

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