PMD Employee Began as Apprentice with Founder

Apr 23, 2020

Plastic Molding Development is known for its company culture. Ron Gibson has been working here since he was 18 and apprenticed under founder Albie Kitts.

Plastic Molding Development is known for its company culture. It’s why employees stay for so many years, and Ron Gibson is the prime example.

Ron has been working for PMD since he was 18 years old. In fact, he apprenticed under the founder Albie Kitts, who built the company from the ground up beginning in 1985.

Albie passed away in 2012, and his son, Gary, is now president of the company.

And Ron is still here and loving it.

“I like working with the machinery and meeting the customers,” Ron said. “I also like everyone on the team here. They’re all very friendly. It’s like a big family.”

Gary said he is grateful to have Ron on the team.

“He’s very dedicated and very knowledgeable, very loyal to PMD and to the industry and to the customers,” Gary said. “We’re really lucky to have him.”

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