Plastic Car Parts Manufacturers + PMD: The Perfect Combo for Injection Mold Tryouts & Testing

Sep 1, 2021

PMD has been the trusted source for plastic car parts manufacturers' injection molding and testing needs for decades.

Plastic Molding Development Co. has been the local source for plastic car parts manufacturers’ testing needs for decades, and it’s easy to see why.

PMD offers a wide range of outstanding machinery, solutions, and assistance to help engineers, machinists, and molders obtain the solutions they need.

Plastic Molding Machines at PMD

Located in Sterling Heights, Michigan, Plastic Molding Development offers 10 of the toughest, most efficient plastic mold testing machines. They include:

  • 3300 Ton Van Dorn
  • 2000 Ton Van Dorn
  • 1700 Ton Wittmann Battenfeld
  • 1000 Ton Van Dorn
  • 770XL Wittmann Battenfeld with 5-Axis Cartesian Robot
  • 880 Ton Van Dorn
  • 500 Ton Van Dorn
  • 450 XL Wittmann Battenfeld with 4-Axis Cartesian Robot
  • 350 Ton Wittmann Battenfeld
  • 170 Ton Van Dorn

We take pride in being able to facilitate fast scheduling for use of the machines depending on the type of machine you need.

Why Plastic Car Parts Manufacturers Choose PMD for Testing & Tryouts

Plastic car parts manufacturers who choose Plastic Molding Development for injection mold testing and tryouts gain many benefits. Here are just a few:

1. Our customers can save money.

Rather than completing testing and tryouts in-house, contracting with us allows plastic car parts manufacturers to save money by not shutting down their production to do tryouts or tooling. There’s also no need to hire additional manpower full time.

2. We can help engineers identify glitches.

No matter how skilled an engineer may be, two (or ten) heads are still better than one. As engineers test the parts and analyze the results, we can help pinpoint issues that the engineer might not have considered.

3. Our spacious, clean facility can facilitate better results.

At PMD, we take pride in offering a spacious, clean facility free of extraneous clutter. As a result, plastic mold engineers and other professionals have room to breathe while feeling safe on the premises. We understand the importance of providing pristine facilities, as it allows our customers to focus on the task at hand without distractions.

4. Our team can assist you along the way.

Our process technicians can help you utilize the machines for the greatest results. Plastic car parts manufacturers who need plastic mold testing know they can rely on us from the first step to the last.

Contact us for more information about plastic car part testing and tryouts or to schedule block time to use one of our machines.

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