ACC Continues to Innovate in the Area of Plastic Recycling

Mar 23, 2022

The concept of circular plastics continues to gain momentum. Plastic pellets are shown here.

The push toward the use of “circular plastics” continues to grow, and researchers and scientists continue to study its benefits.

During the World Petrochemical Conference on March 22, the American Chemistry Council’s Vice President of Plastics, Joshua Baca, planned to highlight the potential of advanced recycling for transforming the way plastics are made and remade in a continuous circle.

“Our goal is to harness the technologies and innovations that helps keep plastics in our economy and out of our environment,” Baca said in a press release from ACC.

According to the release, “game-changing manufacturing processes” have the potential to remake much more of the 90% of plastics that are not recycled today into high-quality new plastics.

The concept of circular plastics involves using a hydrocarbon feedstock and petrochemical processes to make plastic pellets. It would require switching from a fossil-derived hydrocarbon feedstock to a feedstock derived from chemically recycled plastics, as described in a post on Forbes. Proponents say this could result in less impact on the environment and a more sustainable process.

“Every day, a circular economy for plastics grows more and more within reach thanks to innovations in advanced recycling,” Baca said in the release. “In their infancy, many advanced recycling processes focused on converting used plastics into fuel. Today, these technologies have matured and are making new plastics that are already on the market. The world’s largest plastic makers, along with recycling companies, consumer brands, cities, and states, are seeking to scale advanced recycling and accelerate circularity goals.”

More than 400 brands have pledged to increase use of recycled plastics in consumer products and packaging in the coming years, and advanced recycling will help meet that growing demand, as noted in the release.

Learn more about the ACC’s efforts toward enhanced plastic recycling by clicking here.

The 37th Annual World Petrochemical Conference was set to take place March 22-25, 2022, in Houston, Texas. The theme of this year’s conference is “Navigating Towards Net Zero: Seeking a Sustainable and Valuable Chemicals Future through Integration and Innovation.”

More than 60 leading industry executives, including those from major chemical companies, were set to speak on critical issues that impact the chemical market. The conference would also include networking opportunities and petrochemical training courses.

See highlights of this year’s conference, classes, and more on the World Petrochemical Conference website.

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