3300 Ton Van Dorn: Powerful Molding Machinery with Advanced Technology

Mar 12, 2024

The 3300 Ton Van Dorn in our Sterling Heights, Michigan facility features a 7-axis Kuka articulated robot.

Step into the world of unmatched power and efficiency with the 3300 Ton Van Dorn injection molding machine. Aptly nicknamed “The Beast,” this colossal machine has taken the plastic molding industry by storm, attracting enthusiasts and experts alike. Let’s explore what makes this giant a top pick and an indispensable asset for molders seeking unparalleled capabilities.

The Beast Unleashed

Our 3300 Ton Van Dorn stands as our largest and most powerful machine to date, dominating the scene with its sheer size and capabilities. It has become the talk of the town, especially amid plant closures, making it a highly sought-after solution for those in need of a reliable and robust injection molding machine.

The 3300 Ton Van Dorn in our Sterling Heights, Michigan facility features a 7-axis Kuka articulated robot.

The 3300 Ton Van Dorn in our Sterling Heights, Michigan facility features a 7-axis Kuka articulated robot.

Key Features That Set The 3300 Ton Van Dorn Apart

  • 7-Axis Kuka Articulated Robot: The 3300 Ton Van Dorn boasts cutting-edge technology with its 7-axis Kuka articulated robot. This advanced robotic system enhances precision, speed, and efficiency in the injection molding process.
  • 600-Ounce Barrel: Fueling The Beast’s power is a massive 600-ounce barrel, allowing for substantial material throughput and facilitating the production of large and intricate parts.
  • Six Core Pulls: Versatility meets performance with six core pulls, providing intricate control over the molding process and ensuring the production of high-quality, complex parts.
  • Retractable Tie Bar: The machine features a retractable tie bar, streamlining mold changes and maintenance processes for increased operational efficiency.
  • Mold Height Over 112 Inches: Designed for molding larger parts, The Beast offers a mold height of over 112 inches, accommodating a wide range of applications across various industries.
  • Press Open Over 145 Inches: With a press open of over 145 inches, our 3300 Ton Van Dorn facilitates the molding of substantial parts with ease, setting new standards in the industry.
  • Hydraulic Clamp 2 Platen: The hydraulic clamp 2 platen design enhances stability and precision during the molding process, contributing to the overall reliability and consistency of The Beast.

Industries and Solutions Utilizing the 3300 Ton Van Dorn

Mold makers within the automobile industry and various other sectors can rely on the 3300 Ton Van Dorn for crafting solutions tailored to the production of larger parts. Our Sterling Heights, Michigan facility is open for those looking to harness the capabilities of The Beast. Contact us to schedule time with this powerhouse, and our expert team will be on hand to assist you throughout the process.

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The 3300 Ton Van Dorn is not just a machine; it’s a game-changer. With unmatched power, advanced technology, and a range of features that set it apart, The Beast is ready to tackle the most demanding molding projects. Embrace the future of injection molding with our formidable 3300 Ton Van Dorn and elevate your production capabilities to new heights. Visit our website to learn more or contact us today!

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